Tomas Olsen –



Tomas Olsen is one of our super talented young photographers. He has recently worked in Stockholm, and brings along a lot of fresh ideas from his experience in Sweden. Currently Tomas focuses on still-life photography, but his goal is to bring stop motion and animation more widely into use in Finnish brands and their digital imagery.

Tomas has his own, unique style, where normal, everyday things turn into something completely different and unexpected. He creates space for small, eccentric details that can only be seen through a thorough viewing. Tomas has a keen eye for composition and form. Through simplicity and elegant use of light, he brings his subjects to life.

Tomas draws inspiration from everything around him, be it light, shapes, nature or people. He has a way of letting creativity flow freely so that he can come up with unique concepts and ideas. When he’s not behind a camera or an edit board, Tomas can be found close to nature and the sea where he enjoys spending time.